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Company Introduction

Prosperity Marketing was first established in November 2000 as an Internet Marketing Company. We ran a free internet marketing ezine with over 80,000 subscribers. Most of our revenue was generated from individuals and companies advertising within our newsletter. We also provided work from home leads and other marketing services. We now provide an extensive line of marketing training and tools to help people increase revenue in their current businesses ventures. You can rely on Prosperity Marketing to provide you with all you need to succeed online!

From the Founder of Prosperity Marketing:

"I have been successful in running businesses online and off. Since around year 2000 I have had part time experience in Internet Marketing, and even dabbled in several Network Marketing ventures. I also had experience running other online businesses. For sixteen years I was President of a successful medical device sales/service corporation in Idaho. Having sold ownership in that company in 2014, I have now devoted myself to the success of Prosperity Marketing full time. I have the motivation, skills and business leadership experience necessary to run this company and to provide you with the training and services you need to succeed! I hope you will join with us soon!"

-Prosperity Marketing Founder


  • 16 Year Old Company
  • Internet Marketing Specialists
  • Network Marketing Experience
  • Well Organized
  • Experienced
  • Here to Support YOU in Your Success!


We not only show you what tools to use and how to use them, but we also give you all the tools you need to succeed!

Thank You For Your Business!