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Prosperity Marketing Affiliate Program

Benefits Of Joining:


Join the best, high paying, 2-Tier Internet Marketing Affiliate Program!! Not only do we help you increase revenue in your business, you can also earn unlimited income by sharing our system with others! Our automated multi-media system does all the selling and explaining for you 24/7! Residual income pays you every month for each customer you refer. Premium Affiliates earn a commission when their referred Affiliates refer a sale as well.

Refer just two customers and your commission will cover your Internet Marketing System membership!

What more could you ask for?


We will teach you all you need to know to earn with our program. Our multi-media training modules found in the affiliate login area will instruct you how to best use our products and promote our affiliate program. The marketing training will assist you in marketing any other business you promote as well. We also include access to motivational videos to keep you energized to succeed.


Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself! The founder of Prosperity Marketing is actively engaged in supporting Affiliates. If you still have questions about the affiliate program or product that you cannot find an answer to in your training area or the FAQ page (see links at right), or from the person who referred you here, just submit a help ticket on our support page. You should also have support from the affiliate who referred you here. Our system allows you to contact the affiliates who sign up under you so you can help support and motivate them (your referrer should do the same for you).


Your affiliate link sends people to our free video training sign-up page. We then capture their contact info to send the free training video link, as well as product and affiliate program details sent instantly to their inbox. Our autoresponder system sends them numerous automated follow up email messages on a daily basis to encourage them to sign up for our product and affilate program. When your referral places an order or signs up as an affilliate, our website will detect the cookie that was placed on their computer (placed when they originally clicked your affiliate link, which is tracked for up to a year). If they by chance cleared their browser cookies or switched to another device on the same network, then our system will detect their IP address so that you still receive credit. Every time a monthly subscription payment is paid, you will earn a commission!


Residual monthly income is the only way to earn! Month after month you can keep increasing your customer base, and your monthly income. We pay out 70% of product payments to our Affiliates! Not only will Premium Affiliates earn 50% commission from each referred customer each and every month, they will also earn a 20% commission on the customers that their affiliate's refer! Regular Affiliates start out earning 25% commissions (no purchase is necessary to become a regular affiliate). When you sign up for our Internet Marketing System, you will be upgraded to Premium Affiliate status where you will earn higher commissions on 2 levels, plus enjoy the possibility of greater success by having all the necessary training and marketing tools available in your back office.

Unlimited Income Potential! We have no confusing levels or legs, no limits on the number of affiliates you can refer, no monthly minimums, no matrix's that take hours to explain, or other sneaky trick to avoid paying you a fair commission. Our simple 2-Tier Affiliate Program pays you a portion for every monthly membership fee you or your affiliates generate.


1) Fred signs up as an affiliate and subscribes for our Marketing System under you. You earn $25 on all of Fred's monthly IMS membership payments. Fred then has 5 people subscribe under him. You earn $10 on those 2nd tier payments, so you just had another $50 added to your monthly commission. In this scenario you referred just one customer, but would be earning $75 in monthly commissions!

2) Suppose within a year's time, you refer 30 1st tier customers earning you $750 each month. They each refer just 5 customers each (making 150 2nd tier customers under you), earning you another $1500 per month! In this scenario you would be earning $2,225 in total monthly commissions within 12 months! That's equivalant to a full time job paying $26,700 per year! If you produce the same results each year, then within 3 years you would be making $80,100 per year! There really is no limit to the amount you can earn.

These are just a couple possible scenarios. You could earn much more or less than these examples shown, depending on how serious and how much effort you put in.

You can see that our simple 2-tier affiliate program virtually has unlimited earning pontential. There is no limit to how many customers you can have on each tier! MLM and Network Marketing companies like to limit and cap the number of customers in each level or leg in order to avoid paying you what you deserve! We created a simple and ethical commission plan, with an amazing product and training system that everyone can use. We provide way more value than the cost (also unheard of in MLM and other Network Marketing programs). We simply want our customers and affiliates to stick around. Our commission payout actually tips the scales in favor of our affilates (70% Affiliates vs 30% to Company)!


Looking for time freedom? Would you like to set your own schedule? Tired of making minimum wage and putting 40+ hours a week into building someone else's business? Tired of driving through rush hour traffic? Are you a parent looking to work from home while still taking care of children? How about having an internet business that you could operate from home, while on vacation, the beach or while traveling? All you need is a laptop, cell phone, internet access and some self motivation and dedication to succeed!

"We provide a system that anyone can use, even if they have no other business venture. And to top it all off, our commission schedule is setup to pay our affiliates 70% of gross product payments! Our company is providing an over-valued product at an affordable cost and an income opportunity where the benefits far exceeds any thing else out there. At least in my 18 years of internet marketing experience. I have never seen anything else like it. See you on our team soon!"
-Mike Jensen, Prosperity Marketing.


When you SIGN UP you will be placed into the regular affiliate program. No product purchase is necessary to become a regular affiliate. If you decide to subscribe to our Complete Internet Marketing Tools and Training System on the PRODUCT PAGE, we will upgrade you to the super charged Premium Affiliate level and will have access to all of the educational modules and tools mentioned on our product page. Product owning affiliates are more familiar with our services, so we pay a higher commission rate as they are more familiar with and better able to promote to others. Complete details are found in the Terms and Conditions found on the sign up page.

Once you sign up, you can LOGIN HERE to your affiliate back office.

Congratulations on learning about our amazing opportunity and products! We hope you take advantage of this amazing opportunity and join our Affiliate Team!

Thank You For Your Business!